• Katherine – Little Devil Eli

    Katherine – Little Devil Eli

    Spent a half-day in the studio with Katherine for this one, it was a bit of an exercise in looking for nice places. I knew I wanted something a little bit fancy looking, but it didn’t need to be complex. Studio space is also expensive, so I settled for a little placed in Annandale, Desk…

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  • Himechin – Meki style

    Himechin – Meki style

    Super casual as always, we took some photos on a Saturday afternoon before the AGS show. Luckily she was able to borrow some of Meki’s clothes, something a little more fitting for her princess persona. Ahh~~ she really dazzles like this!

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  • AGS102 – Ladybeard Homecoming party

    AGS102 – Ladybeard Homecoming party

    You might remember that AGS102 got to perform with Ladybeard during Madfest 2017. Everyone had lots of fun and Ladybeard is an awesome guy, so he invited the girls back to perform on the Sydney leg of his promotional tour for Big In Japan. The Factory Theatre is tucked out of the way in Marrickville,…

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  • AGS102 promo shoot on film

    AGS102 promo shoot on film

    I got my film and scans back from Rewind, I’m actually impressed that they came out well-exposed and fairly clean, especially after my last roll of GP3. I didn’t bother recording my shooting settings because I was aiming for speed and spontaneity; the studio environment is great for that because it’s set-and-forget. Or at least all your…

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  • Katherine – Fashion portfolio

    Katherine – Fashion portfolio

    It’s been ages since I last shot with Katherine, today was something a little bit different. She’s been busy applying for further studies and needs some portfolio material, and I’m happy to oblige. Three looks and not all that much time to shoot them. And some crappy weather, yay! Actually the weather was really a…

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  • Kisara – Gym uniform

    Kisara – Gym uniform

    It’s an idea that’d been kicking around for a while now, “it’d be really (deceptively) cute”. I had to stay out of this one but I helped shuffle the lights around when needed. More b/w because that’s my mood at the moment, and it suits the documentary behind-the-scenes feel that I love.

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  • AGS102 promo shoot

    AGS102 promo shoot

    Alex helped out with the shoot this time. We got to the store properly on time only to discover that we’d forgotten to pack the backdrop stands! Not to worry, we figured that we could use a different wall, and copious amounts of gaffer tape to get the white backdrop roll into position. Actually this…

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  • Himechin – Cat skirt

    Himechin – Cat skirt

    Himechin recently got this suuuuuper super cute cat skirt!!!  >_<  =^_^= It wasn’t actually planned but we took some photos.

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  • AGS102 Yuuki day

    AGS102 Yuuki day

    Yuuki day at AGS is always a flower day 🙂 I knew I needed just this one shot before she packed up at the end of the night and got changed.

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  • Mikado – Girl with flowers

    Mikado – Girl with flowers

    As is a frequent occurrence, this was Adrian’s shoot. I just happened to be there for some lighting work and experimentation. Adrian had the big octabox already setup for this, but I would’ve been keen to try the beauty dish. Mikado’s skin and makeup is excellent and can really handle the dish if you’re going…

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