AGS102 promo shoot

Alex helped out with the shoot this time. We got to the store properly on time only to discover that we’d forgotten to pack the backdrop stands! Not to worry, we figured that we could use a different wall, and copious amounts of gaffer tape to get the white backdrop roll into position. Actually this is kind of a better solution, it means you’re not stepping around the legs of the backdrop stands all the time.

For some reason (probably Alex’s fault, but I can’t remember) I was really in the mood for shooting some film this evening, so I burnt through 3 rolls of black-and-white Shanghai GP3 in the Mamiya C330. It’s really cheap and crappy film but that doesn’t really matter. The results are decent enough and we can fire the studio flashes to get a decent exposure. Alex brought his medium-format camera along as well, a Zenza-Bronica S2 I think.

Anyway the film needs to go to the lab for processing, so in the meantime you get faux b/w from my usual Nikon. Nothing I’ve done so far really compares to an actual b/w film image, but it’s not like I dislike digital results either.

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Himechin is taking Yuuki’s place today 😛