AGS102 – Ladybeard Homecoming party

You might remember that AGS102 got to perform with Ladybeard during Madfest 2017. Everyone had lots of fun and Ladybeard is an awesome guy, so he invited the girls back to perform on the Sydney leg of his promotional tour for Big In Japan.

The Factory Theatre is tucked out of the way in Marrickville, but it’s not too far from the CBD and has tonnes of character. It’s well-worn but it’s got feeling, y’know?

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The girls had a journo from Nichigo Press shadowing them and taking photos for an article, super cool! She’s helping Yuika with her back ribbon here ’cause it’s difficult to tie neatly.
Himechin tries on Miki’s glasses, it’s just not the same unless it’s Miki wearing them.
It’s important to warm up before a strenuous performance.
BAM! Surprise heel appearance! The bloke laying the smackdown on Ladybeard is TNT, a local wrestling personality. The rubbish bin and its contents on the ground was thrown just a few moments earlier.
They were getting down and dirty amongst the crowd, it was so cool! Just before getting thrown into the drinks station. Focusing is hard yo. I pre-sighted for the tap and waited for the right moment, but my estimate was a little off.
Waiting backstage to go on again. The curtains have some convenient tears in them allowing you to watch the action from a different perspective.
Can you recognise who’s who?