• Tearschu – Beach day tech notes

    Tearschu – Beach day tech notes

    As I hinted in the gallery for this shoot, today ended up a lot more technical than expected. I thought I’d be in for a nice sunny day, shooting just natural light with a reflector to lift the inevitable shadows. Instead I get completely directionless light and a whole lot of wind. Sea looks crappy,…

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  • Tearschu – Beach day

    Tearschu – Beach day

    It’s been so hot recently and this was meant to be a straightforward shoot. Go to the beach, take some fun and casual photos, the kind of thing that’d suit an idol photobook. That was the plan, but on the day it ended up being completely overcast, no sun at all. The sky oozed out…

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  • Deculture portfolio shoot

    Deculture portfolio shoot

    I was second-shooting for this with Lewys and Andy. Went in with studio lights and ended up not using them at all, heh. The studio space itself was super inconvenient but the natural light was fantastic. Everything here is natural light. I only knew Andy from being a prominent member in the Sydney lolita fashion…

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  • Dilated Love event

    Dilated Love event

    This was a fundraising event held at Yebisu in Chinatown, for a well-liked gent in the local dance community. I went super casual for this and only took my Pentax Q10 to take photos, I think it was a good choice.

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  • AGS102 Megane day promo

    AGS102 Megane day promo

    Something silly I threw together for promo. Conventional is boring, and I frikken love megane.

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  • Tearschu – Miki

    Tearschu – Miki

    Just helping out with Lewys/Paradox for this one, Miki is a character from Devilman Crybaby. Given that it was broad daylight I played around with using a continuous light LED panel to fill in and soften the shadows a bit. I think it did the job nicely and it’s much easier to muster than a…

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  • Himechin – Fighter jet parka

    Himechin – Fighter jet parka

    Himechin wearing the parka based on the Mitsubishi F-2 multirole fighter jet. This is peak performance.

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  • AGS102 – Bromide day

    AGS102 – Bromide day

    Just tagging along for some photo shooting, not my plan.

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  • Katherine – Little Devil Eli

    Katherine – Little Devil Eli

    Spent a half-day in the studio with Katherine for this one, it was a bit of an exercise in looking for nice places. I knew I wanted something a little bit fancy looking, but it didn’t need to be complex. Studio space is also expensive, so I settled for a little placed in Annandale, Desk…

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  • Himechin – Meki style

    Himechin – Meki style

    Super casual as always, we took some photos on a Saturday afternoon before the AGS show. Luckily she was able to borrow some of Meki’s clothes, something a little more fitting for her princess persona. Ahh~~ she really dazzles like this!

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