• Elves in the woods

    Elves in the woods

    Day elf: CinohruiNight elf: CryptidcorvoPhotographers actually being more serious: Lark Visuals, Shots by Kat One of the cool things about living in suburbia is the green spaces. There’s actually a lot of nature reserves and creeks in our area, so you wouldn’t be so surprised to find some elves there, hmm? I took the opportunity…

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  • Yishi and Michi – Atago and Takao Race Queens

    Yishi and Michi – Atago and Takao Race Queens

    These ones deserved a little post of their own. Madfest Sydney was really enjoyable and I’m glad I pushed myself to go along and be more enthusiastic. This was my first time meeting Yishi and Michi and shooting with them, and it was really fun! They’re great to work with, and being on their game…

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  • Madman Anime Festival Sydney 2020

    Madman Anime Festival Sydney 2020

    I haven’t been doing conventions enthusiastically for a little while, but I was really pretty pumped for Madfest this year. Lots of photographer friends, and a few cosplay acquaintances that I really wanted to meet up with. And it was a lot of fun this year, I’m happy to have been a lot more active…

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  • ANYA – Black dress

    ANYA – Black dress

    Totally unplanned! I was helping Adrian run a lighting workshop and Anya dropped by to keep company. Her outfit was too nice to pass up and the studio had some nice old windows to play with. Thanks also to Gabe and Alex for their help with the coloured lighting, it wasn’t my idea and it…

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  • Hana – Fashion editorial

    Hana – Fashion editorial

    Hey, do you wanna come to this rented house shoot thing next week? Huh? Uhhh yeah sure, I’ll come help. Thus, a bunch of photographers have rented out a little house in Bondi Junction to share for shooting whatever we want. Hana makes a great model and she’s plenty versatile, so Kat’s asked her to…

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  • Hana – Tattoo aesthetic

    Hana – Tattoo aesthetic

    Hana’s recently had some tattoo work finished and it looks pretty sick. Adrian and Kat and I wandered around Darling Harbour with her to take some photos. Today is another film-only day. Superia Venus 800 in 135 format, it’s a bit chilly and slightly overcast but the film performs nicely enough. I’m still using my…

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  • Auburn Sakura Matsuri – Sanzuri as Konngara

    Auburn Sakura Matsuri – Sanzuri as Konngara

    Every year around August, Auburn Botanic Gardens has a matsuri event for the sakura blossoming. It’s a popular event and it attracts a lot of visitors for the week-and-a-bit that it runs for. It’s undeniably quite pretty, but it’s madness to attend due to the size of the crowds, especially on weekends. Yet here I…

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  • Himechin dance video

    Himechin dance video

    I came along to help Adrian shoot a dance cover video for Himechin, so we’re out at a nearby park this afternoon. Himechin’s finished video is here! https://youtu.be/yt6JogPYQnw

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  • Sanzuri – Sakuya Izayoi

    Sanzuri – Sakuya Izayoi

    This was from a little session at Smash 2019, one of our local anime conventions. End of the day, everyone’s tired and getting cold and wants to head off for dinner, but a few minutes can’t hurt right? Sanzuri is a big Touhou fan, and her costumes always have tonnes of fine details and bling,…

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  • Madfest Sydney 2019 – Keik as AK-12

    Madfest Sydney 2019 – Keik as AK-12

    What it says on the tin, it was a relaxed shoot (as it usual with Keik). She’s cosplaying AK-12 from Girls Frontline, and I still can’t believe she scratch-built this whole thing.

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