AGS102 promo shoot on film

I got my film and scans back from Rewind, I’m actually impressed that they came out well-exposed and fairly clean, especially after my last roll of GP3.

I didn’t bother recording my shooting settings because I was aiming for speed and spontaneity; the studio environment is great for that because it’s set-and-forget. Or at least all your shots will be consistently mis-exposed. And then you wander out of the well lit zone and you lose about three stops of light.

  • Shanghai GP3 120-format film at ISO100, processed at the lab because I don’t trust myself
  • Mamiya C330 with normal 80mm lens
  • Probably shot at 1/125sec and f/5.6 or so
  • The Einstein strobe with big octabox we were using for key light was probably set to about 40 watt-seconds, with a couple of YN-660s on the side through umbrellas at quarter- or half-power

There is actually one more roll of GP3 that I’m saving to develop myself. I’ve got all the gear, I just need to buy some more chemicals because mine are probably way past their expiry date.

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This one was out of the main strobe’s light, probably bumped to f/2.8 and 1/60sec
Nailed the focus, sorta…