Hi, I'm Barney

Some people also call me furinkan. Seeing as you're here, I probably met you at an anime convention or photoshoot; it's a pleasure to have met you!

I like cosplaying, mostly female characters because they're easier on the eyes. I also enjoy photography when I can find the time. It's great when I can combine the two. I'd love to do more of both of those things!

If I've taken your photo at an event it's probably on facebook or linked from my blog. Feel free to contact me if you can't find them or would like full-size copies.

Unless otherwise stated, photos are published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence - I'm happy for you to post them around and edit them however you like, so long as you credit me. A link back to here would be nice.

Sometimes I write about photography and various otaku pursuits on my blog. If you'd like to contact me I'm on facebook, twitter and google+. Sending mail is fine too. Oh look a calendar.