Katherine – Little Devil Eli

Spent a half-day in the studio with Katherine for this one, it was a bit of an exercise in looking for nice places. I knew I wanted something a little bit fancy looking, but it didn’t need to be complex. Studio space is also expensive, so I settled for a little placed in Annandale, Desk & Studio (the name squarely hints at their offerings). Their deep red curtain is what really sold me, it’s the kind of thing you’d steal from a cinema given half the chance.

Little Devil is one of my favourite Love Live costume sets, it has tonnes of cute details and is a little bit playful and mischievous. Given Eli’s character, a more intimate and subdued look suits her really well. It’s not quite as visible as I’d initially imagined, but I hope it came across decently in the photos.

Because Katherine’s makeup and overall look is super clean, I pushed the processing a little more than I usually would, particularly with the colour grade. It’s probably very subtle compared to my brethren with a firmly established aesthetic, but it was something a bit new for me to try (and something I need to do more of, that being training my eye in colour).