Jan and Dorothy – MahoYaku Snow and White

MahoYaku, or Promise of Wizard (Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku) is a mobile otome game with lots of handsome gents (that are wizards). These two are Snow and White, wizards from the north that are over 2000 years old.

Jan picked out this nice hotel with fancy furnishings, which was a fun challenge to light and work within. It’s not a big space, but thankfully it wasn’t too claustrophobic or difficult to work in. The decor has seen better days but it fits the aesthetic well enough, so who’s complaining.

The room was surprisingly dark, which is a blessing when it comes to lighting. It means you can get away with very low-powered flashes, and the light didn’t spill everywhere which can sometimes ruin things. The lamp next to the couch didn’t work at all (no bulb!), but that was easily fixed by gaffer-taping a small LED panel to the back of the lampshade, and you’d never know~🪄