CRX Melbourne 2022 – Zozomori – Evangelion

Parent post: Crunchyroll Expo Melbourne 2022

At the end of day 2 I was wandering the convention centre’s hallway pondering how to kill some time, seeing as the con was wrapping up but no one was ready for dinner yet, then this Misato popped up right in front of me! Well I had to ask if I could take some photos right? Less thinky more talky, just do it!

Zozomori was really chill and we had a great time chatting about Eva and what we like about the characters. This was probably the highlight of my CRX experience, no kidding. Met someone new, had a good conversation, and took some photos that I’m really happy with – I felt completely in the zone. This is what I missed from the pre-covid cons.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Eva was a large part of my growing up during high school, and it’s kind of a miracle that it’s still relevant today thanks to the Rebuild movies. Man those are great, and it’s so good to bond with other humans over them.

Shooting notes: Nikon D800 w/ 50mm f/1.4, ISO 160-400, mostly shot at 1/80sec at f/1.4, LED panel through white umbrella.