Crunchyroll Expo Melbourne 2022

Hahahaha this will go down as one of the worst/most chaotic anime conventions that we’ve seen in Australia. The whole weekend was a mess and people barely even got to go inside on the Saturday. I had a pretty good time though, because I went with minimal expectations and the hopes of spending quality time with friends. Which was a rousing success in my books.

Time spent with friends

If there’s one thing that’s worth doing with friends in Melbourne, it’s eating. We did a lot of that. Around that, we checked out a Van Gogh exhibition in the same building as CRX, and a cat cafe because we love cats. I kept the Nikon F5 and 50mm (my favourite lens) with me, loaded with some cheapo Kodak ColorPlus 200. Enough sensitivity to probably deal with most situations, and a fast enough lens that I can probably get the photos that I want.

The Van Gogh thing was pretty cool, there was plenty to look at along with a biiiig experiential space with projections covering the walls. Kinda like Vivid Sydney, but indoors. I’m happy with how those photos came out. The cat cafe was a nice relaxing time after dinner, though getting any of them to sit still for a photo was a challenge.

For the record: The film is ISO 200, and the Van Gogh projections were shot at 1/60sec at f/1.8. Sunflower room shot at 1/125sec at f/1.8. Cats shot at 1/80sec at f/1.4.


Valerious – Spirit Blossom Ahri
League of Legends

Felipokeyou – Kitagawa Marin
My Dress-up Darling

Himekou – Yor Forger
Spy x Family

Moko – Yor Forger
Spy x Family

Felipokeyou – Anya Forger
Spy x Family

Zozomori – Misato

Girls Frontline

Finally some good culture! 😂 If any Girls Frontline character was going to be cosplayed at a convention, it’s be UMP45. I wish I had notes on who they were, ’cause I did get to have a nice little chat, but didn’t get contacts :/

Shooting notes: Nikon D800, 50mm f/1.4, ISO 500, shot at 1/200sec at f/1.8, strobe through white umbrella.