BADCATBAD – Skadi the Corrupting Heart [Sublimation]

No one really knows what’s going on in Skadi’s head, ă̸͍ǹ̶͉d̵̪̆ ̴̈ͅt̴̺̅ḥ̷͗ǎ̷̧t̷͊͜’̴̫̀s̶̥͋ ̶̀ͅf̸͖͆i̵͎̿n̶̨͋e̴̙̚. The gloomy, drizzly skies and roar of the waves against the rocks suited our mood for today. Thank you Badcatbad for being a good sport and wading right in, eventually ending up drenched so we could get the shot.

As is all too common, I brought too much gear for this shoot, but at least I was able to leave it in the car this time. The constant rain meant I had to keep it simple, no assistants to keep an eye on things.

Keeping it super simple this time, it’s a YN-560 Mk4 speedlight with a grid to control the spill. I actually hadn’t used this gridded setup before so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too harsh. You generally don’t want to blast your cosplayer in the face with undiffused flash but uhhh… it kinda worked here!

Doing this around water is tricky because bare flash reflections on wet skin tend to look a bit shite. Taking time to pat off the water between shots helps a lot. Ditto for fixing wig hair, as always.

I’m glad to say that the flash survived this trip! Last time I was here I setup the lightstand, then about 30 seconds later a wave came along and knocked the whole thing over before I got to use it. It’s also heartening to see that the death counter hasn’t gone up since I was last here, about seven years ago. Good work, people. Stay alert and don’t turn your back on the ocean, she can be a harsh mistress.

Zalgo generator here: