Tearschu – Beach day

It’s been so hot recently and this was meant to be a straightforward shoot. Go to the beach, take some fun and casual photos, the kind of thing that’d suit an idol photobook.

That was the plan, but on the day it ended up being completely overcast, no sun at all. The sky oozed out a vague, warmish light, and threatened to rain. Massive bummer.

We can work with this, I thought. The drive up north takes a while and scheduling again is impossible. I grabbed a speedlight and stand, and left the rest of the gear in the car. Today is a sunny day.

In truth we both had contingency plans for bad weather. A different outfit for if it rained, a different shooting location if it was too windy or couldn’t use the gear due to the weather. Compromises, to be sure, but we got to complete the shoot without killing ourselves so that’s a win.

I wrote some tech notes about the lighting for this shoot if you’re interested.

The last two shots are on 35mm film which is why they look so different. Kodak Portra 400 behind Canon’s cheapest 50mm lens, I don’t mind that at all.