Sanzuri – Sakuya Izayoi

This was from a little session at Smash 2019, one of our local anime conventions. End of the day, everyone’s tired and getting cold and wants to head off for dinner, but a few minutes can’t hurt right?

Sanzuri is a big Touhou fan, and her costumes always have tonnes of fine details and bling, so good! This Sakuya is mostly played straight, but blinged out with tasteful ribbons and sparky bits. 😀

Shooting ended up being more difficult than anticipated, as I was using a manual-focus 85mm lens and only ambient light, so there’s blurriness galore. The funky coloured lights are from another photographer that dropped by just as we were finishing up. He insisted I take advantage of them as well, and… actually I like the results more than I expected to, I’m not averse to something more striking.