Dilated Love event

This was a fundraising event held at Yebisu in Chinatown, for a well-liked gent in the local dance community.

I went super casual for this and only took my Pentax Q10 to take photos, I think it was a good choice.

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This guy was playing some great classic rock songs
Some of the local dance crowd doing their thing
Me-chan and Rei-sama
This big boy was being cut up for show before the audience, he’s huge! I’ve never seen this before. The bloke on the left with the upside-down glasses is the sashimi prep master, but by his own admission he’s pretty drunk…
But that’s okay because the guy with the knife is his student (as the master reminded us many times), and he’s the one doing all the cutting this evening.
“Are you gonna cut here next?” ”Yes yes yes yes, I’m getting to that!”
The master is helping. Sorta.
The first big slab is out!
The tuna meat is an intensely deep red, I love it. The MC on the left is having a good squiz too.
AGS102 were invited as guests to perform, the regulars crowd was a pretty good turnout.