• CitrusPlus Year of the Chaiiger live

    CitrusPlus Year of the Chaiiger live

    Biiiig album this time! Year of the Chaiiger live was SO MUCH FUN, it was nice to attend a proper live event again after so long. So many performers, so many people, it was great! <3

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  • Oz Comic Con Sydney 2021 – Amber

    Oz Comic Con Sydney 2021 – Amber

    Had a small shoot with mish.cos as Amber from Genshin. There wasn’t much going on in the afternoon at OzCC so we went and found a little garden near the showground. I love all the red flowers there, it was pretty much just what we needed!

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  • Supanova Sydney 2021

    Supanova Sydney 2021

    I got to Supanova late in the afternoon ‘cause I was busy earlier in the day, had a nice chill time meeting some new cosplayers. That was really nice!

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  • ACN photo outing

    ACN photo outing

    A group outing in the city, wander around and take photos, with some short challenges thrown in to force improvisation. Fuji Pro 160 NS, 120 film, 12 exposures, shot at box speed. First two are Anh, second two are Helena. Black and white conversions from the colour scans because I thought it looked more interesting […]

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  • Katherine – Aoandon Doujin ver.

    Katherine – Aoandon Doujin ver.

    The pandemic has been a weird time. Almost a year ago I felt so ready to be more sociable and get back into doing photos. And then… [gestures] this all happened. Everyone’s a bit on edge about getting infected but I’m glad I went to the OzComicCon popup to catch up with a few people. […]

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  • Katherine – green portfolio piece

    Katherine – green portfolio piece

    This was a quick little shoot for her fashion design work portfolio. We were thinking the CBD would be a cooler location for this sort of going-out look, but that’s a long way to travel and we’re lazy. 😂

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  • Elves in the woods

    Elves in the woods

    Day elf: CinohruiNight elf: CryptidcorvoPhotographers actually being more serious: Lark Visuals, Shots by Kat One of the cool things about living in suburbia is the green spaces. There’s actually a lot of nature reserves and creeks in our area, so you wouldn’t be so surprised to find some elves there, hmm? I took the opportunity […]

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  • Yishi and Michi – Atago and Takao Race Queens

    Yishi and Michi – Atago and Takao Race Queens

    These ones deserved a little post of their own. Madfest Sydney was really enjoyable and I’m glad I pushed myself to go along and be more enthusiastic. This was my first time meeting Yishi and Michi and shooting with them, and it was really fun! They’re great to work with, and being on their game […]

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  • Madman Anime Festival Sydney 2020

    Madman Anime Festival Sydney 2020

    I haven’t been doing conventions enthusiastically for a little while, but I was really pretty pumped for Madfest this year. Lots of photographer friends, and a few cosplay acquaintances that I really wanted to meet up with. And it was a lot of fun this year, I’m happy to have been a lot more active […]

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  • Day 19 – Eating around Tokyo

    Day 19 – Eating around Tokyo

    A relaxed but busy day of… eating. We spent a lot of time building social bonds, not much to show in photos haha.

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