Elves in the woods

Day elf: Cinohrui
Night elf: Cryptidcorvo
Photographers actually being more serious: Lark Visuals, Shots by Kat

One of the cool things about living in suburbia is the green spaces. There’s actually a lot of nature reserves and creeks in our area, so you wouldn’t be so surprised to find some elves there, hmm?

I took the opportunity to finish off a roll of Portra 400 that I had sitting in the camera since Madfest in March. I’m pretty happy with how it performed, but it definitely suffered once the light started failing. It gets very noisy (or something) in the shadows and they start to take on a red hue. Part of it is probably the scanning process – I’ve so far always opted for basic JPEG scans from the Rewind lab. The prints look much better, even in 6×4 size, so I suspect the scans are just quick and dirty and I’m okay with that.

[Trying an album grid this time instead of inlining them all, each photo should open to a full version as you’d expect]