Day 11 – Back to Tokyo

Wake up late, arrange to go meet Chris and Mayu at a convention event at Big Sight, ’cause why not! Get dinner at Venus Fort, and generally have a nice time. There’s an Ingress sorta… portal vending machine thing here, it has a cool realtime display of stuff.

We parted ways and I headed to Nakano – gonna get the nice Zeiss lens I was eyeing off! I knew I wanted to get something a little bit special and fancy, but do I get the 50mm or the 85mm? I use a 50mm every day, so getting a Zeiss 50mm wouldn’t add all that much value. I can shoot something longer no problem though, so I went with that. 74,000 yen later…

It’s raining pretty bad by the time I leave at 20:30, but I got a nice photo for it.

Back to Akiba, not sure what I did for dinner. Apparently went to Yodobashi, dropped stuff home, then went back out to DonKi again at 22:00.

Not content with just that, I went and discovered Bar & Junk Mikaku nearby, pretty fun!

I wanna try out my new lens! But the room is so tiny that there’s nothing to work with.