Day 10 – Lots of driving

Bought konbini breakfast and got moving. Titanfall OST is pretty epic for driving music. 😀

Went around the north short of Lake Shinji, arrived at Inasanohama Beach, walked around a bit.

Headed north to the coast after spotting a cute place called Cafe Usagi up there. Tiny little town, why not go look at it. Little port town, very cute. Cafe not open though, it’s hours are seasonal. Found a camping ground nearby.

Followed the coast along to Uppurui, then headed back inland towards Lake Shinji.

Looks like I can’t meet up with Sarah, which is a shame but can’t be helped. Decide to drop by Tamayucho Tamatsukuri, there’s a tonne of onsens there. It’s a picturesque little village sorta place.

I must’ve returned the car by now. In at attempt to make some progress, I blow out of town and make it to Yonago, which is only 25km away. I’m kinda desperate for a room as I have no plan and arrive at 21:00, but it seems I’m in luck. It’s close to the station, tiny and pretty worn out. I don’t even care because I can eat some Noppo bread and sleep soundly, at Business Hotel Frontier.

There is a ramen joint open just down the road from the hotel. It’s like midnight when I stroll in but it’s not even quiet; there’s a lot of people! I’m a little intimidated and feel out of place but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got this, I’m smooooth.