Day 9 – Connecting journey

I got moving and wheeled myself to the konbini nearby. Yes, breakfast time. Took the Sanyou shinkansen to Okayama, heading west to my last major station before I head towards Matsue. Had curry at a place called Quiet Village, at Shini’s recommendation. They have trams, it’s cool!

Bought kibidango in Okayama at his recommendation too.

Wherever I ended up, it’s heading towards or near Matsue. I booked a room in a hostel called Hotel Knut. It’s a restaurant on the ground level, which is cute.

I discovered the Toyota rental place was still open and I could make it, aw what the hell why not! Ran in about 15min before closing and said I just want a car for 24hrs, threw documents and money at them.

Why did I drive 13km out of town to a Lawson southeast of Matsue? I dunno, maybe just because.

I found myself somewhere to park the damn thing that wouldn’t break the bank, then found a yakitori joint to get dinner, Yakitori Bankichi.

It was late, maybe 21:30, but the old couple running the restaurant were super sweet and didn’t seem to mind at all. Was able to chat with them a bit, very satisfying. Konbini snacks for after dinner, of course.