Day 8 – Exploring Uchiura

Taxi to Uchiura because it’s just more expedient – I have to lug my suitcase which sucks. Got the Rubesty taxi!

Got the ferry to the island, had to negotiate leaving my suitcase at the tourism office because it was too big for the lockers.

Saw the dolphin show

Walked around the island, weird tunnel of lights cuts through it. Climbed the hill, it was worth it.

Saw the penguins with nametags of Aqours girls!

Missed Kanan’s dive shop, I think it’s a cafe.

Saw Chika’s place and the pier, it’s close to Mito Sea Paradise. Caught the bus back to Numazu, bought a tonne of Noppo bread.

Things are starting to fall apart for me. I know where I need to go but I don’t have a plan. I should really hurry along if I’m gonna get to catch up with Sarah.

Caught the train to Mishima nearby (a major station), had pizza for dinner in a little restaurant while waiting for connecting leg. Shinkansen to Shizuoka, then on to Shin-Osaka. Subway to Namba where it looks like I can get a room for the night. I could book a capsule hotel but bugger dealing with non-private spaces when I’m this stressed out. The room at Namba Hostel is tiny but it doesn’t matter. I roll out the futon and crash out.