Day 14 – Arashiyama bamboo forest

Arashiyama is one of the places that you visit for that Old Japan vibe, and you’ve surely seen its bamboo pathway in pictures before. Arashiyama is a very touristy area, which is fine by us because we want to do touristy things today.

The first of which is kimono rental. There’s quite a few places offering it, no surprise, so we picked one that seems good. The store is tiny and didn’t have room for anyone extra to go in and gawk, but their wares are good. You pay a bit more for the nicer options but it’s definitely worth it – the material quality is nicer, and the designs are more elegant.

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Beeeeg train station
I couldn’t tell what this is from the outside, but google tells me it’s an orgel (music box) museum. Guido Reuge was apparently an esteemed Swiss orgel maker, and this is his collection.
A very nice design, and a good midpoint between youthfulness and refinement
Alex was keen so he got one too. Very suitable.
The recognisable bit of the bamboo forest. It was pretty busy so we couldn’t take many photos here
We got out of the middle of town, to walk along the bank of the Katsura river and take photos
Huuuge dryers! I honestly don’t know what you need such large dryers for, unless restaurants are bringing their linen here or something
Easily big enough to sit in!
This blows my mind, it’s a washer and dryer purely for sneakers.

I finished off the Delta 3200 yesterday, so I loaded up Fuji PRO 400H today for Arashiyama. It’s a nice film that shoots well, and the colours are perfect for this sort of portraiture. A bit muted but nothing you can’t adjust to your tastes later on.

This coin laundry is right on the corner next to the Airbnb house we’re staying at. It’s kind of a novelty to me because these practically don’t exist for me back home. I went and dropped in a small load of washing so it could be done by the time we’re done with dinner.