Day 13 – New Years Day in Kyoto

We all have a well-deserved sleep in and go out for traditional new year activities. Shimogamo shrine is a bit of a trek north, but we want to go there because it’s the major shrine for this sort of thing, being close to the old imperial castle. As expected there’s a lot of visitors, but it’s not crowded which is nice.

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Got the Delta 3200 loaded back into the camera, after a lot of hassle getting the film leader back out of the cassette. That’s Alex’s Bessa R2A in the frame
High speed film is really not the best for portraiture, but it does the job.
Could’ve been a lot worse, given that the sun was barely above the horizon at this point, and there’s a lot of tree cover overhead sucking up the light
We hung around the river taking some photos for Michelle, she needs some professional profile pics to use
Are YOU actions inconveniencing someone?? We turned this into a running joke for the rest of the trip, but I do really like this aspect of Japanese culture. They’re just a lot better about not being in other people’s way.
I don’t know what a Hoboclim is, but it’s pretty tasty