Madfest 2017

Madfest was a crazy experience. Hectic, not much sleep, and amazing fun. A+++

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20171103-2017-11-03 17.56.46

I was reminded of a shimmering curtain of light, like a forcefield around the city

20171103-2017-11-03 22.34.07

To me this is such a hilariously Asian thing, a big shoe rack just inside the door of the place we were staying in. It kinda didn’t hold the shoes all that well though :/

20171104-2017-11-04 17.01.55

The videographer had this cute little guy on his baseplate. It’s a great attraction point for your subject, especially if you’re doing video of kids

20171104-2017-11-04 19.28.31

Found this corgi while wandering around inside Madfest one night 😛


AGS102 and A-Muse linked up for a mini dance performance, they all had a great time


Waiting backstage, about to go on for their main performance


Yuuki and Azusa doing an impromptu hallway performance of Tougen Renka


Mickey posing in front of That Pool

20171105-2017-11-05 14.02.21

Backstage again, about to perform with Ladybeard

20171105-2017-11-05 18.17.39

Someone gave Himechin a crown as we were walking back from the venue (just to borrow for a minute)

20171105-2017-11-05 20.09.55

Delicious yuzu sake, I had to responsibly finish it off because no one would help me out much


AGS also caught up with the wotagei crowd, they did an impressive mini performance as well



20171106-2017-11-06 12.28.17

Yuuki tries the deconstructed hot chocolate at Hash, that’s a big ball of fairy floss that you can see there

20171106-2017-11-06 20.10.01

Our flight home got delayed and then eventually cancelled, but this guy never lost his cool


Waiting for round 2 of brunch the next morning