SMASH 2017

No itasha submission for me this year, but I did get to cosplay on both days so I’m happy – I did Kashima (Kancolle) on Saturday, and Maki (Love Live) on Sunday.

While I wasn’t directly involved, the girls from AGS102 were invited to perform on stage so I was there to cheer them on. They did great and I think the audience really enjoyed it.

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Suika always has the best frills, this time it’s Nursery Rhyme from the Fate universe. It was almost closing time by the time I ran into her, and it was bitterly cold outside so we ended up hanging around inside near the artists’ tables.
I picked the most decent lighting available, which was a spectacularly poorly-lit hallway with people walking past non-stop.
Protagonist x Mashu doujin erohon うふふ~
I love getting a look at the little details, the hair ribbons are really cute. You can also see the gratuitous frills near the hem of the dress.
Yasmin with something less frilly and more floofy.
Darryl made a chocobo to go along with his wedding-version Noctis from Final Fantasy.
The chocobo is full size! And there’s Jess as Luna.
One more of Jess as Luna, I wanted to get a proper photo of her because the dress is lovely.
Himechin is actually a cat (duh, we already knew this).