Nishikino Maki – March Flowers (Love Live)

This costume is from the March 2014 Flowers/Blooming LLSIF card set

An actual waifu cosplay?? Maki is my favourite tsundere and best Love Live girl, so this was a no-brainer.

I didn’t make this one, I bought it from a cosplayer who was visiting Melbourne and needed to sell off older cosplays. I’m pretty sure it’s a Taobao print, but the material is nice and smooth and it feels lovely to wear. The fabric has a bit of heft so the skirt moves nicely, and the fit is perfect on me.

I wore this to SMASH 2017 casually on day 2 ’cause we had AGS102 stuff to take care of, thankfully this is easy to move in and wear. That was a wise decision XD

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Casual cosplay, so you get… bathroom selfies
Bless Azunyan for being good at selfies, because I’m not
Himechin cute!!
…and lift selfies too, because you can check yourself out in the mirror