Day 18 – Back to Tokyo

It’s a long day of travel today, back to Nagano station, then from there to Tokyo.

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Breakfast at the ryokan. This place is so damn cosy, I could stay there endlessly
Himechin river..? 🤔
The staff are really generous and give us a lift to the nearest major station. This saves us an extra transit leg and a lot of time, we were so grateful for this!
On the way out we stopped to get a nice view over the area, we’re not that far from some of the old Winter Olympic venues
First shots on the Fuji Superia Premium 400. I dunno, I feel the like scan probably isn’t doing it justice. I forget what lens I used but this should’ve been a slam dunk for the camera – tonnes of light, speedy film, infinite depth of field from an aperture around f/5.6 or f/8, there’s no excuse to not be tack-sharp
It’s a while until our shinkansen departs, so there’s time to drop off our bags and get some lunch!
This is a much better way to remember which locker you picked
I mostly like Kobeya because of their cute uniforms, but the pastries are good too
Back at the hotel, I’m sorely tempted to buy a ridiculous and expensive pizza
Prawn bisque in a can, I just… don’t know