Day 1 – Arrival in Tokyo

First time flying into Haneda, it’s pretty great. You miss out on the Come On And Slam, And Welcome To Japan at Narita, but sacrifices must be made.

Adrian arrived yesterday, same flight one day earlier. Honestly it’s a bit of a rocky start as we’re all a bit on edge emotionally (couldn’t sleep on the flight), but we manage.

Not being able to checkin to the hotel straight away sucks, it’s the one downside of taking an overnight flight and arriving in the morning.

Big goal for me was to pick up a good film camera and then shoot with it, first milestone passed. I didn’t see a lot of promising online listings for Tokyo stores, but Matsuzakaya Camera down near Shinagawa station delivered the goods. There were in fact two Nikon F5 bodies on display, both about the same price, and exactly what I was looking for at 31,000 yen – about $410 AUD back home. There’s a little cap or two missing (PC socket) and there’s some wear on the contact points, but it’s perfect! A few rolls of film in hand later, I’m ready for this trip.