Jan – Constellation Rin

Sydney has a perfectly good observatory near Circular Quay, but I wasn’t sure how good anything would look up there. You can’t get real close to the building itself, and the view is kinda… touristy. Not that that’s bad, but the sky wasn’t actually clear so we couldn’t run with the plan of shooting actual night sky.

We also didn’t have a telescope to use for a prop. Undeterred, I set about figuring out how to make one that’d look passable. If you squint you sorta can’t tell that it’s just two Pringles tubes covered in paper and gaffer tape! (construction photos at the bottom) 😀

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Found a use for my 16mm fisheye, no correction needed!
Plz to ignore the creasing on the barrel
The telescope’s stand is absolutely not a tripod, not at all
To make your own ghetto telescope you will need: cans of Pringles (or your favourite alternative hyperbolic paraboloid chips), white or coloured paper to form the outside of the barrel, lots of black gaffer tape, a right-angle garden hose connector, and maybe some small tools to pull the doohickeys off…
Cover the hose connector in black tape so it looks kinda like an eyepiece. Punch a hole in the lid of one can, then stick the hose connector through the lid. Use more black tape to cover the lid and hold the hose connector in place. You’ll need to eat…