Saturday night at AGS102

Something different for this post, it’s not about photography for once. 😛 We go to AGS102 pretty much every Saturday night now, and I’m glad that it keeps changing and remaining fresh.

This week was josou (女装, female clothing) week, it was a lot of fun! There were some new faces, and the format of games was tweaked a bit to add a mini arm-wrestling tournament (Yurina emerged as the victor).

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Thank you Adrian for the photo, the maids really really liked my look, which made me really happy. I feel like a school teacher! www
Richard’s twintails are really cute!
Round 1 is Madoka vs. Azusa…
It was a tough struggle and the match went on for quite a while, with Azusa squeezing out a win over Madoka
Yurina won her round against Yuika, and is seen taking the big win here as she defeats Azusa
Gokuraku Jodo is an instant hit with the crowd, high energy and super catchy
Those expressions, rawr!
Costume change!
High touch~!