Aisu – Sandy afternoon

This shoot was a wash, in more ways than one. We didn’t end up arriving until it was pretty late so we only had a short window to shoot while there was still any light, which is why there’s only a couple of photos.

I haven’t visited the area near home in probably over ten years, but it’s about as good as I hoped it would still be. Wow, a lot has changed in the area, public areas developed and tidied up.

I lost the speedlight in a literal wash. The waves break right on the rocks, and I thought I had a decent enough spot for the lightstand, sitting far back enough that it wouldn’t take too much of a pounding. Just to be sure I’d chucked about 10kg of weight on the base, and tied a plastic bag loosely over the unit to keep out any spray.

Less than thirty seconds later a big ‘un crashed over the rocks and knocked the lightstand clean over, submerging the speedlight. In the end I never did get any lit shots, but thankfully the ambient light was okay and I’m pleased with the results. Coming back for a sunrise shoot would be the best, preferably at low tide without the waves.

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