Supanova Sydney 2016

It rained. Like it does every year.

That didn’t dissuade too many people though, there was a good turnout and lots of good cosplay on show.

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I shot Kirara with Alby’s Hasselblad, he graciously insisted that I try it out when the opportunity presented itself. More on that below.
Aya doesn’t mind posing for photos either 😛 She’s rocking a little vintage Mamiya with fold-up bellows lens, nice!
Riya as Umi
DanDan-san as a Payday-kko
Kat as a beat-you-to-death angel 😀

The Hasselblad I referred to above was an H4D, with a 50 megapixel sensor and 80mm lens (about 50mm equivalent on full-frame). I didn’t have a lot of hands-on time with it, but it’s not bad to use and not too heavy or bulky.

As expected, the ISO range is a bit of a limitation. DSLR shooters are spoilt for performance, while the Hasselblad tops out at… ISO 400, or 800 in some sort of push-mode. That’s it.

It was dusk by the time we were shooting so suffering was guaranteed. The files are pretty clean but there’s this sort of large-scale chroma noise across large textured areas, that feels like JPEG artifacts. Oh well, I’d use it in a studio in a heartbeat, it’d excel there.