Yumibara – Shimakaze (Kancolle)

We got in just in time for the last visiting session of the ship and submarine at the end of the day, and couldn’t have picked a better time for lighting either. We nailed golden hour while shoreside, then pretty much had the boats to ourselves so we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone while taking photos.

You’re not allowed to take any bags or gear with you on the boat, so I went with the camera in hand, 16-35mm attached, and a speedlight and 50mm stuffed in my pockets. This was absolutely the right choice – the wide was indispensible for the insides of the ship, then I switched to the 50mm for the last few pictures when we had more space and even less sunlight to work with.

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If you’re not here for Shimakaze’s thighs then really, what are you here for Teitoku?