Shirakiin Ririchiyo (Inu x Boku)

I absolutely fell in love with InuBoku when I watched the anime, it’s so much fun and Ririchiyo is just pure adorableness. She’s a tsundere with all the sharpest edges rounded off a bit, which is great.

By a ridiculous stroke of luck, a friend mentioned that she’d seen a pattern for the uniform dress in the May 2012 issue of Cosmode, perfect timing! Even better was that I happened to mostly fit the pattern they provided, as there were no markings or guides for sizing up and down.

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out in the end, it was pretty tidy work and looked really nice.

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God bless Andy for his awesome skills, his photo flattered me a lot haha

I got to wear Ririchiyo to Animania Sydney 2012, so that’s where these photos are from.

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Kee-Sook got a good full length photo
Dodgy shoulder strap that wouldn’t stay up 😛
I found an adorable Karuta-chan too!

Build notes

I could write a tonne about this. Actually I did, I might end up reproducing it here. This was particularly tough because all the instructions were in Japanese, so I had to translate what I could, and work the rest out of the pictures included with each step. I made a few missteps here and there, but thankfully I could always fix it up.

I was extremely lucky with the sizing. I made a couple of tweaks along the way to adjust for extra height and a slightly larger bust, and my guesses mostly hit the mark. Only one issue near the end where I couldn’t quite fit into it all due to shoulder width, I took the drastic step of slashing a giant V-shape out of the back piece to give it room to move, roughly mirroring the design at the front. It worked, crisis averted!

TBC: writeup and translation of the pattern, copy-in from the wiki page