Noel Vermillion – Blazblue

I was originally aiming to make Noel for Smash 2011 but ran out of time to complete her fully, so I fixed her up again and took her to Supanova Sydney 2012 too.

I think Noel appealed to me because her blue and white uniform just looks ­čĹîfantastic, and her somewhat introverted personality is relatable. I’m also sucker for short one-piece dresses, and the skin coverage is surprisingly high for it. The presence of zettai ryouiki and badass gun-kata didn’t hurt either.

Gun-kata? If you’re a fan of martial arts and over-the-top gunplay, I’d highly recommend you watch the movie Equilibrium, which I’m pretty sure was the basis for elements of Noel’s character.


As is normal for me, I think I was up all night making accessories before going to Supanova here

I found a Litchi cosplayer, purely by chance! The EXIF data says this was taken at SMASH in 2011, I guess I finished making it earlier than I thought

I wonder if I have more photos, ’cause this is severely lacking…

Build notes

I think this was the first time I tried constructing anything even vaguely resembling props and stuff with fiddly details. It was definitely a damn mess, but I learnt a few things and got high on spraypaint fumes, so I guess it was worth it.

I cheated with the hair – she has long hair but it’s normally stuffed under the beret. No one needs that fresh hell though, so I went with short hair.

Can’t remember where I got it, but I found the most perfect fabric for the dress; soft and stretchy with enough weight to move nicely, and a beautiful soft sheen on the outside. I picked up 3m each of the blue and white cotton sateen for $8 a metre, I think it was a steal.

The halter neck and collar piece is stolen from an old shirt, because I’m lazy. I mean it was gonna be covered by the necktie anyway so you wouldn’t really be able to tell, and sewing a collar thing is effort.

One last thing that I learnt was that obtaining spent brass from a shooting range is more effort than its worth. I called a couple of places in Sydney and they don’t just give it away so I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle. I got some lengths of brass tubing from Hobbyco and sawed it into short lengths to roughly approximate 9mm Parabellum casings, then folded some little bits of brass sheeting over one end so it’d look like the rear. In any photos that matter you probably wouldn’t pick that they’re fake when there’s smoke and blur effects applied.

Quick prototype with cheap cotton, I used a Simplicity pattern then hacked it up as needed

In a previous step I lopped off 20cm of length because it was too modest, then found I had to add another few cm to cover my butt. Oh well.

Now that I’ve got it right, time for the real material!

The test fit is pretty good. My corset is poking out a little bit here but it was sitting around about the right spot

Coated lightweight foam is awesome for props, very rigid but super light

The grey pleather used for the toecaps looked really bad so I painted over them, much better

Priming is something that I didn’t learn enough about. The solvents in this stuff will eat foam like nobody’s business but the colour is lovely

Bulk of the dress is done, this material is so beautiful

Quickly making a dodgy beret. On the morning of the convention, of course